Greetings from CRC’s Executive Director! The blog feature is new on the website and we’d like to use it more often and keep everyone up to date with our progress.

Many of you know we have structured CRC so that it resembles community college. All groups and classes are on a quarter basis, so at the end of every quarter, each participant reviews goals, sets new goals, and signs up for new groups and classes. As a result, our days are more structured and participants seem to be making rapid progress. We have a number of participants preparing to go “out into the world,” to work or volunteer, to spend less of their time in this safe space that is CRC and more of their time with the community at large. This is our goal: that everyone can reclaim a full life in the community.

As we end January and prepare to welcome February, we invite you to see what CRC is doing in the community. We have so much going on: the community mental health agency (our Peer program), the PATH program conducting outreach to individuals experiencing homelessness, the Downtown Ambassador Program keeping the city clean and safe, and the Supportive Reentry Services helping returning citizens out of incarceration get a successful start on the rest of their lives.

Look for updates on a semi-regular basis!

Ann Rider