Capital Recovery Center’s Jim Morris to serve as Community Relations Liaison

Jim Morris

Olympia, WA – Capital Recovery Center is pleased to announce that Jim Morris will serve in the role of Community Relations Liaison. The Community Relations Liaison works with appointed officials and the community-at-large to promote the services and programs offered by Capital Recovery Center. Morris has over 15 years’ experience analyzing state budgets and policies relating to disability and poverty. “The more I traveled around the state listening to sessions on these topics, the more I realized a huge segment of this population was experiencing chronic mental health issues,” said Morris.

A former peer counselor, Morris intends to make additional community connections and discuss the innovative model CRC uses in treatment and recovery. “This model is incredibly effective; I believe it needs to be implemented on a larger level across the state, and we need to share the sense of community we’re building here,” says Morris.

Morris previously served on the Board of Capital Recovery Center and has been doing advocacy work independently since 2016.