Peer Support

The Capital Recovery Center has a 24 year history in the Thurston-Mason Counties. The CRC values the opinion of the person receiving the services. Self determination and informed decision making are the keys to a successful journey toward recovery.

A licensed mental health professional develops an intake/assessment that is strength-based and recovery oriented. Based on the intake/assessment, the Participant will co-create goals and objectives with their Peer Support Specialist. These goals will be regularly reviewed and updated based on individual progress.

All people who work at CRC are qualified to offer peer support. This unique modality is a way in which people who have experience similar to yours can share their own strategies and ideas, while supporting you in identifying goals and dreams.

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Our Mission

Capital Recovery Center builds safe environments so people can become self-directed by learning and using tools that are helpful in our wellness and life journeys. We work to dismantle misconceptions, confront discrimination, and build understanding. Empowerment and full community participation are our ultimate goals.

Our Vision

“Voice and Choice, Enriching Ourselves and Our Communities”